People here do not cease to amaze me. I was supposed to have the bandages on my back changed today, the doctor said she wanted to make sure the stitches were holding and that nothing was infected. So I went there and was sent to room #4. There are 6 rooms. Apparently the two doctors take turns being sick, because this time the other doctor was there (also all alone). Eventually she entered room #4 and said: "The bandages made you angry, didn't they." A somewhat surprising statement. It made me wonder about the kind of information she'd received. Since "Anger" wasn't among the first five feelings I had been aware of, I said that it was quite alright, that lying on my back was a bit uncomfortable. She was quite quick with her answer: "Don't you understand why? The skin on your back has been cut, penetrated and mutilated. There are stitches and they must stay there for at least two to three weeks." And a little more friendly: "We can give you smaller bandages."
Now I was starting to feel the anger she had mentioned initially. I opened my mouth to tell her that there had been no cuts and mutilations on my back prior to entering this establishment. But she was gone already (to room #5, I'm sure).
Oh, by the way: Macbeth indeed has a tragic ending.