Let's talk about R.W.Fassbinder. I am very excited about his movies being available on DVD! I had to stop getting his movies for a while, because the VHS copies at Kim's were clearly illegally taped from TV or something worse....almost unwatchable. But all that has changed and I have had the pleasure to experience almost all of them in decent quality. Most recently The Niklashausen Journey.
Let me say that I am a great admirer of Fassbinder's work. And I think I have a pretty high tolerance for unorthodox filmmaking. But I had to abandon this one half way through, simply because there were too many pointlessly dancing hippies in it. It's kind of like: Werner Herzog makes a Goddard revolutionary movie and has a bunch of hippies sing and dance in nature. I just don't know. In fact, Fassbinder's face (ha stands near the dancing hippies in a leather jacket) doesn't really seem so confident either. But it's available on DVD in decent quality. Might be great when high on pot.